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Written by Lydia Hagen

3 Way to Cook In-Season Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Uses

The varieties and recipe possibilities for sweet potatoes are boundless, mostly because they are some of the most versatile foods around. Eat them with a side of fried eggs, try them topped with feta cheese or on the side of dinner one Saturday night. Find locally grown sweet potatoes at farm stands before they close for the season, or pick them at Bend’s year-round indoor farmers market, Central Oregon Locavore, after farm stands close up shop. Here are three simple but delicious ways to prepare sweet potatoes this autumn.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Hash Browns

On the side of eggs and bacon, hash browns are among the most popular breakfast staples. After washing, peeling and shredding a sweet potato or two—either in a food processor or by hand—add olive oil to the mix and whatever spices sound good such as paprika, salt or pepper. Then, on an oiled or buttered stovetop pan, flatten the mixture into patties and fry until crispy. Afterwards, top with green onions, sour cream or both. 

Tip: Use an ice cream scoop to help shape the hash browns before flattening with a turner.

Sweet potato tacos
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Sweet Potato Tacos

It sounds simple—and it is—but this is truly a choose-your-own-adventure type of lunch. Start by dicing the sweet potatoes, tossing in oil and taco seasoning, and roasting in the oven. While you wait, prepare the endless list of toppings to make the tacos complete: try black beans, avocado and feta cheese for a refreshing flavor. Once out of the oven, stuff the sweet potatoes in a spruced up corn or warm flour tortilla, drizzle with lime and dig in. 

Tip: For a flavor with a punch, add chili powder.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Picture this: it’s an autumn evening, the grill is fired up for the last few days of warmer weather before winter dips in, and you’re in need of the perfect side dish to pair with a weekend dinner of salmon, steak or burgers. Cut the desired amount of sweet potatoes into quarter-inch rounds or slices, and toss in olive oil, salt and pepper, or paprika. After the sweet potatoes are just fork-tender, remove from the grill and top with cilantro. Voila—a straightforward and tasty way to prepare sweet potatoes with a smoky zest.  

Tip: Try using garlic salt or rosemary to season the sweet potatoes for a more distinct flavor. 

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