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4 Glamping Destinations in Central Oregon

Glamping tents at elk lake resort

These resorts in Central Oregon make camping easy.

For those looking for an easy camping experience in Central Oregon, four resorts offer unique sleeping arrangements that are comfortable, fun and hassle-free—and would make any of your Instagram followers envious. These glamping, to use the buzzword, destinations offer all the amenities for an uncomplicated outdoor experience. No figuring out the puzzle of packing. No meal planning. No forgetting the tent stakes. All luxury.

Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Spa

Folkloric tales will flow when the tipi is aglow. With a firepit and room to sleep ten, the tipis at Kah-Nee-Ta offer a family-friendly experience steeped in culture. Reservations include mini golf and access to the hot springs pool—the makings of an excellent kid’s birthday trip. $107/night for two people, fees apply for each additional person (Editor’s Note: After publication, Kah-Nee-Ta announced that it would be closing on September 5, 2018. Reservations can still be made through September 4, 2018.)

Cove Palisades Resort

Offering possibly the only houseboats this side of the Willamette, Cove Palisades Resort rents floating lodging on Lake Billy Chinook. Boat sizes vary, with the largest accommodating sixteen guests. Entertain friends while cruising around the reservoir in style. Sunbathe on the boat’s rooftop deck, take a kayak tour or participate in motorized water sports. Starting at $1,100 per night, 3-night minimum

Elk Lake Resort

Tucked in the woods off Cascade Lakes Highway, Elk Lake Resort draws visitors for its prime location on one of the region’s favorite lakes for boating, swimming, camping and more. The new Glamping Tents provide everything for an elevated camping experience under the stars. $99/night for four people with a 2-night minimum

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