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4 Ideas for Tile Style in the Kitchen

Tiles might be one of the most fun home design surfaces to consider. Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, as many colors as you could ever imagine, and textures to add depth and visual accents to even the smallest, most simple room. In fact, when it comes to tile style, your biggest challenge might be deciding which of so many choices you want to make your own. Here, we consider a few options for your next remodel or new build.

Accent  tiles

Add a random pop of color or texture to an otherwise clean, white tile surface for a bright, playful look in your kitchen.

Mix it up

Can’t decide if you want circles, rectangles, squares or octagons? Take a few different geometric shapes and textures and go wild with your home decor project.

Metal accents

Adding brass, stainless and even mirrored acccents to natural tiles is a hot trend this season. Match your fixtures or not—now is the time to play with design.

Monochromatic patterns

This tile pattern from Walker Zanger is on trend with 70s-inspired patterns and distinct colorways. Each tile is adorned in kaleidoscopic shapes, sharp lines and rounded corners, in a trio of earth tones.





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