Tiffany Paulin | Creative Consultant

Tiffany Paulin | Creative Consultant | A native of Washington state, Tiffany Paulin’s parents were entrepreneurs who home-schooled her in practical applications of academic subjects, contributing greatly to both her business savvy and marketing acumen: instead of math, she learned accounting. Instead of art, she helped to design products and advertising for her family’s businesses. A child prodigy on the violin, she won a National Championship for fiddle at the age of eight, and she began formal studies at the University of Washington at just nine years of age. Tiffany went on to graduate at just seventeen years old with a Bachelor of Arts degree. A career in advertising and design followed. As Creative Director for Oregon Media, and also as a realtor with LivBend Real Estate, Tiffany is a results-oriented, creative and intuitive bringer of solutions who knows how to roll up her sleeves and get down to business. In her free time, find her on horseback on her ranch in Tumalo.

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