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On 2/16/17, Kristen and Ville Jokinen rode their Surly disc trucker touring bikes into the southernmost coastal community of Ushuaia, Argentina. Having started this adventure in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, some twenty months prior, the 18,215 miles that the couple peddled during their journey across two continents, combined with the kindness from those they meet along the way, is the subject of Kristen’s new book titled, Joy Ride, A Bike Odyssey from Alaska to Argentina. On Episode 37 of Bend Magazine’s The Circling Podcast, Kristen and Ville join Adam Short in our new studio to share more of their story. Kristen shares why she wrote Joy Ride, and she and Ville share more about their personal lives; they discuss the success of the book, the life lessons they’ve learned during their adventures and just how good and pure humanity can be. Kristen, Ville, Thanks again. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy book tour and for writing this book. It’s been said that people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. If this is true, get ready to sell a lot of books. Thanks for tuning in. Our Theme song was written by Carl Perkins and performed by Erin Cole-Baker and Dr. Erin Zurflu.

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Join host, Adam Short, as he starts conversations and shares stories with those in our community who make up the soul of Central Oregon. Hear from a variety of guests ranging from professional athletes, local business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, nonprofits, industry leaders and more on Bend Magazine’s The Circling Podcast. Those helping shape our region’s growth, ensure opportunity for more, and maintain what we all love about where we live; the beauty, the adventure, the way of life. Though most of our content and guests are local, the insight, perspective, and value learned from each episode can be applied in your own community, no matter where you call home.

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