Heather Huston Johnson | Chief Executive Officer

Heather Huston Johnson | Chief Executive Officer | Born and raised in Portland, Heather Johnson moved to Bend in 1997 to fulfill a dream of living where she had vacationed. A fourth-generation Oregonian with an accounting degree from University of Oregon, Heather’s professional and personal lives have revolved around her passion for all this state has to offer. She began her career with an accounting firm and then a golf events promoter in Portland, before taking the lead as sales and marketing director for Bend Living magazine on the east side of the mountains. Heather co-founded 1859 Oregon’s Magazine in 2008, and today serves as owner and CEO for Oregon Media, overseeing the production of many publications including the company’s flagship periodical, Bend Magazine. When she isn’t meeting with clients, managing company operations or strategizing for the future, Heather loves to ski, golf, hike and spend time with her friends and family, including her husband Ross and their children, Hannah and Fletcher. Heather is also involved in many community events and organizations, including serving on the board of directors of Oregon Adaptive Sports.

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