Gift Your Clients Bend Magazine

Holiday gift bend magazine

Gift Your Clients Bend Magazine with a Corporate Subscription this Holiday Season!

As we approach the holiday season, treat your clients to the soul of Central Oregon with Bend Magazine. It’s a celebration of the region’s recreation, culture, thriving businesses, delectable cuisine, vibrant personalities, and the people of our community.

Please note: Each gift recipient will receive a 1 year subscription which includes 6 issues of Bend Magazine and 4 issues of Bend Home + Design Magazine with the next available issue to be published. The mailing label will carry your name, serving as a reminder of your thoughtful gift.


We provide a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet for you to add your client’s names and mailing addresses (download spreadsheet HERE.)

Complete the spreadsheet with the names and addresses of your gift recipients, and email to

Once we receive your spreadsheet, we’ll send you an invoice.


Each annual gift subscription (6 issues + 4 issues of Bend Home + Design) is just $9.95 per year.

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