Oregon Media AI Statement

For Humans, By Humans

History is in the making with the arrival of generative artificial intelligence, and when it comes to the work we do here at Oregon Media, we stand with our fellow members of the publishing industry in the belief that these tools must respect journalistic and creative content. We value our relationship with you, our readers, and to that end, you can trust us to maintain the highest standards of storytelling: by the community, for our community. 

Oregon Media’s policy on AI’s use is most simply that our content be “by humans, for humans.” Specifically, you can trust that our content is original, from concept to completion. All writers and photographers have a clear understanding, bound by a contractual obligation, to submit work of which no part is generated by AI.  

As the world evolves, we’re intrigued about the ways creative minds can be more creative. But at Oregon Media, we are most dedicated to the unique stories about community and experiences that can only come with lived experience. Bend Magazine is the soul of Central Oregon, and we plan to keep it that way

Thank you for being part of our journey into this new world, and for reading the stories that start and end with a human touch. No technology can replace what we experience together. 

Cheryl Parton
Editor in Chief, Oregon Media

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