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Written by Penny Nakamura

Tips for Revamping the Laundry Room

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It’s time to rethink the humble laundry room, where, let’s face it—we spend more time with our washers and dryers than we like to admit. American families do, on average, 300 or more loads of laundry each year. With our seemingly unending washing chore at hand, it’s never too late to design a new laundry room or do a remodel. Going from drab and boring to dynamic and bold in a utilitarian room can perhaps bring some joy to our usually thankless chore.

Plan first, launder later

When examining your laundry room, think what you need and want it to be. Is the laundry room also part of a mud room, or the dog’s room? If your laundry room serves more than one purpose, remember it doesn’t have to be a catch all for piles of shoes or dog toys. Organized storage will be key, especially if your laundry room is a multi-purpose area.

There is no standard room size or layout for a laundry room. Some laundry areas in homes are relegated to closet spaces, basements or even garages. But no matter the space, when revamping the laundry area, ask yourself how often you do laundry—is it once a week, or every day? Do you want your laundry room to be a place where you also fold and iron your clothes? Some things to consider in revamping your laundry room include deciding whether you need counterspace, a rod for hanging clothes on hangers, drying racks or a built-in ironing cabinet.

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Consider the space

In a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, ninety-one percent of buyers said they want a dedicated laundry room. Within that laundry room, most home buyers say they want a deep sink, shelving, cupboards and counterspace.

If your laundry area is limited in space, front-loading washer and dryer sets that can be stacked are useful. Front-loading washers can also allow a counter space to be built over the top, whereas a top-loading washer won’t have that option.

Should you decide to add countertops or you’re changing existing ones, remember that durability is key. Look for a countertop material that won’t be damaged if detergents or bleach is spilled on it.

Light and bright

If a large laundry room is out of your budget, don’t despair, designers say simply adding pops of color in your humble washing room can go a long way. You can draw inspiration for your laundry room with a bright coat of paint, or wallpaper that comes in a variety of patterns from whimsical floral designs to sophisticated stripes.

Why not think out of the box, and put a small crystal chandelier in your laundry room? There are no hard and fast rules here; if it makes you smile and feel good about doing a chore, then it’s a “yes.” Get creative and show your personality.

Ideally, natural light is always a plus for a utilitarian room, but if you have fluorescent bulbs in your laundry space, take them down now, and find some nice light fixtures that give plenty of soft light to your working area. It will make a big difference not only in your mood, but also give your workspace a more calming feel, something everyone needs when doing a load of laundry.

Less is more

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Because the laundry room is often the smallest room in the house, it’s essential to declutter it. Clutter will only make the space look and feel smaller. Something as simple as having your laundry soap pods or liquids in clear glass containers or attractive bottles instead of original store-bought packaging can keep your supplies close at hand, while looking nice, neat and organized.

Just a few cosmetic changes in the laundry room can bring a whole new look and style to even the tiniest spaces. Creating workspaces that are hardworking, but still attractive may change your whole attitude about doing laundry.


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