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Bend’s Matt Schaberg Uses Technology to Automate Our Homes

A&E Smart Home technology

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A smart thermostat here, a doorbell camera there, a talking speaker on the shelf. Home technology is making its debut in a growing number of Central Oregon homes every day.

But without a custom, comprehensive plan, homeowners looking to incorporate technology into their spaces may end up buried in a variety of apps, mismatched technology and lackluster tech support. That’s where Matt Schaberg, partner in A&E Electronic Solutions – Bend, comes in. Rather than trying to DIY your way into home technology, Schaberg is here for homeowners from the start, listening to their needs and proposing a whole-home plan that strives for simplicity and usability. “We focus on making things easy to use for homeowners and their guests,” Schaberg said. “What people despise is when they push a button and their TV doesn’t turn on. We take proven technology and make it reliable and easy to use.”

Matt Schaberg
Matt Schaberg

Schaberg, a former General Electric product designer and marketer, sees his new business as filling a gap locally, somewhere between unlicensed audio-visual techs and line voltage electricians. With the continued growth of low voltage in a residence, he and his team are licensed to take care of all the low voltage and technology a home needs to be “smart,” from lighting control and automated window treatments to home security, climate control, sprinkler systems and audio visual elements, like movie rooms and surround sound for music.

Individual aspects of the home can be controlled separately—like locking a door or turning on a light—or a variety of items can be paired together to create a “scene.” It can be as simple as pressing one button to draw the window shades, dim the lights and turn on the TV in the movie room. Scenes can be turned on with the press of a button, or be automated to happen at certain times, such as opening the shades along with the sunrise or gradually turning on lights as it gets dark at night.

After launching the new venture in March 2020 with partner Mike Elsberry, Schaberg said he’s been busy incorporating technology into many new homes in the region. He sits down with homeowners, interior designers, builders and architects to plan out their unique needs and wants, and when the project is complete, clients can easily control their home’s features from a touchscreen pad, by voice, remote or on their smartphone. “We take best-in-class technologies and add an automation aspect that people like and enjoy, which makes their lives easier.” Schaberg said he also focuses on developing long-term relationships with clients, to ensure the technology remains useful and up-to-date for a homeowner’s changing needs.

A&E Smart Home technology panel

Schaberg, who enjoys Central Oregon’s outdoor offerings, including golfing at Tetherow, said it’s been fun working with homeowners in that development, many of whom are friends. “It’s been a great opportunity to work with many of my good friends to make their homes easier to use, to live in and ultimately shine.”

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