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5 Questions About Alternative Commuting

Jeff Monson, executive director of Commute Options for Central Oregon, gets around by bike year-round,
and he offered some advice on how to commute differently this spring.

Written by Mackenzie Wilson

Jeff_Monson_Commute_Options_RFWhat’s the best way to get started in using your car less?

Most of us need to drive our cars, maybe even most days. We like to suggest to get started, people get out for a bike ride or a walk on a Sunday morning when there’s only light traffic. Explore the best route and make sure it’s fun.

How much does having the right gear have to do with a person’s success in driving less?

When you head out in more diverse weather, be sure to get the right layers of clothes, a helmet for biking, good walking shoes and lights if you’ll be out after dark, and studded bike tires are great in the winter. Remember, there’s no rule against taking the car once in awhile.

Should commuting by car or bike be a family affair?

Kids of all ages love to bike and walk, and they’re great options to avoid car traffic and parking issues. Plus, kids get a different perspective of the neighborhood, and it’s a great way to get some quality exercise.

What’s a Blue Zone and why does Commute Options want Central Oregon to be one?

The Blue Zones Project studies what factors go into helping a person live longer. So, that’s where Commute Options comes in. We promote active transportation and focus on the built environment – in other words, living in a community where driving is not the first (and only viable) option.

What is being done to make Central Oregon more bike and walking friendly?

Every city in Central Oregon is working to make bicycling and walking safer and easier. Cities are adding green bike lanes, under-crossings, pedestrian bridges, trails, safety crosswalks and more. We offer bicycling and walking education classes in thirteen area schools. More tips and resources at commuteoptions.org 

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