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Sisters Cascade Polo Club Gallery

Sisters Cascade Polo Club, photo by Talia Galvin

Daniel Harrison played polo professionally beginning in 1975 and has played for U.S. internationally in 10 different countries. Recruiting local riders to learn the sport of kings, he founded the Cascade Polo Club in 1986. While polo is often perceived as a sport for the elite class, Harrison’s philosophy involves respect in the saddle and checking your ego at the barn.

“Riding well is more important than hitting the ball, we cannot play the game without the generous contribution of the horse,” Harrison said. “I teach polo from the ground up, and as a veterinarian, I am particularly attentive to how the horses are being treated and ridden. They do not have a voice in this game, but yet represent 75 percent of the game. If you cant get to the ball in control, you can’t hit it.”

Photos by Talia Galvin. Players (and horses) pictured:

White team: Wendy Kelly (Australia), Katey Kelly (Spice Chic), Kelsey Kelly (Sweet Pea)

Blue team: Ben Peterson (Clark Kent), Dan Harrison (Skookum), Helen Schwab (Cracker)

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