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Dining table

Redmond’s Cabin Creek Furniture and Design Breathes New Life into Reclaimed Wood

Don’t be surprised if one day you come across Missy and Brent Taylor wandering around in the woods gathering old pieces of ponderosa pine or old-growth juniper. The pair, owners of Redmond-based Cabin Creek Furniture and Design, have been creating unique pieces of furniture since 1997. “We begin by foraging old and left-behind wood from the forest with permits, or from private property with permission,” said Brent Taylor. Four to six weeks later, the wood has been crafted into log furniture and custom home décor pieces.

Dining table
Reclaimed: This remarkable seven-foot-square dining table was made out of 100-year-old carriage house flooring boards salvaged from the 2018 Paradise, California fire. | Photo Grace Pulver

“My father was a wood-shop teacher, and I began working with wood at a young age,” said Brent. “I was always drawn to rustic, log-style furniture and would study the different types of joinery and design.” A recent Cabin Creek project began as nearly petrified two-hundred-year-old oak floorboards, weathered and reclaimed from outside an old mill. These were upcycled into several statement pieces of furniture. Another recent project, pictured above, began when the Taylors got their hands on one-hundred-year-old flooring boards from a carriage house, salvaged from the remains of the 2018 Paradise, California fire. Missy and Brent crafted the reclaimed wood into a remarkable, one-of-a-kind, seven-foot-square dining table, accompanied by nine custom lodge chairs and a bench, also crafted from the same reclaimed wood.

In addition to dining tables, Cabin Creek creates built-in bunk beds, custom bed frames and headboards. The Taylors sell their work at the Sisters and NorthWest Crossing farmers markets, in season, where they display smaller pieces of furniture and art, such as elevated dog feeders, small stools and benches, picture frames, free-standing coat trees and their very popular hanging wall trees. 

One of the Taylors’ favorite kinds of projects are custom—truly custom, using wood that clients bring to them that has some special meaning. Transforming lumber that means something to a family into works of art they can treasure for generations to come is very satisfying, says Brent. “I continue to learn, enjoy and create one-of-a-kind pieces.” 

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