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Written by Chloe Green

Anastasia Zielinski Celebrates the Beauty of Nature Through Art

Anastasia Zielinski

Anastasia Zielinski, a multidisciplinary artist and arts educator, has been creating for as long as she can remember. “It is a fundamental part of my life,” said Zielinski. “Art has helped me manage grief and depression, ​as well as been a conduit for joy.” She hopes her creations are a soothing balm for others as well.

Anastasia Zielinski Verdant Grounds

“It is easy to become disenchanted with life when you are continuously searching for the next big thing,” shared Zielinski, speaking to contemporary culture’s tendency to overlook ​life’s small joys. “Depicting and magnifying ordinary areas of foliage highlights the beauty that exists all around us,” she said. Her work gets up close and personal with the natural world to emphasize the beauty often passed over in public spaces such as gardens, parks and open lands. She zooms in on foliage, exploring the various shapes and colors comprising nature.

Influenced by her parents’ artistic pursuits, Zielinski explored painting, dance and music from an early age. She obtained a bachelor of fine arts in painting from Pratt Institute, but Zielinski’s creative identity transcends a single medium. Her career has spanned a diverse range of expressions, and she has earned national and international recognition.

Time spent in nature serves as Zielinski’s infinite muse. It’s the starting point for her creative process which begins with walking meditations in the outdoors. “As I move,” Zielinski said, “I experience a sense of wonder and a desire to share these positive sensations with others.” She captures these moments in photos and notes, which inform her process in the studio.

About the Work

Approaching her work from a painter’s perspective, Zielinski starts broadly and moves from background to foreground. Regardless of the medium—whether it’s paint, fabric or another material—Zielinski said, “It helps to let go of expectations and have the material guide me.” The results are lush, often abstract paintings and eye-catching fiber-work depicting textured landscapes using fabric, paper and reused scraps.

A prime example of Zielinski’s recognizable style is found in her “Pattern in the Forest” series. These vibrant and dense paintings transport viewers into the detailed design and abstract composition of woodlands. In Zielinski’s words, they “transmit the spirit of the source site, without literally depicting it,” a sentiment that can be applied to many of her creations.

The impact of the arts on Zielinski’s life has inspired her commitment to arts education. Soon, Zielinski will open Freak’n Art in downtown Bend. The creative space will foster community through traditional workshops and weeknight classes. Zielinski believes creative expression is essential for human existence and emphasizes the soul-nourishing power of art in all its forms. See more of her work at anastasiazielinski.com.

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