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Q&A with Matt Molletta of Boss Rambler Beer Club

If you’ve cruised down Galveston Avenue lately, you probably noticed something bright, shiny and new. That would be Bend’s newest brewery taproom, Boss Rambler Beer Club. Founders Matt Molletta and Jacob Bansmer have been joined by Megaphone Coffee to create a community gathering place that thrives all hours of the day. We talked with Molletta about the new taproom.

photo by Dusten Ryen

Where did the Boss Rambler name originate?

It’s a fun name that actually came to me while I was driving around in my old 1960 Ford F100 truck. We wanted a name that was different and spoke to the spirit of what we’re all about: adventuring, keeping on the go and just having good times along the way.

What kind of brewing experience preceded Boss Rambler?

Jacob brewed at Crux for the past three years prior to starting Boss Rambler. He manned both the pub and production brewhouses. Prior to that, he did an internship at both Corshair Distillery in Nashville and Deschutes Brewery here in Bend while in OSU’s Food Science Program.

Talk about the beers and beer styles we can expect to see from Boss Rambler.

We’re going to keep things fresh and fun, making beers that we want to drink but also beers that we think the public wants to drink. When it comes to style, we have a penchant for the tropical side of things: juicy, dry IPAs and clean, cold lagers. So far the response has been amazing so we’re looking forward to keep brewing beers that are going to keep the people stoked!

How did the partnership with Megaphone Coffee happen?

We’re big coffee fans and couldn’t figure out why Galveston, with all it’s food and drink options, didn’t have a local coffee roaster on the strip. The light went off and we decided we were going to fix that “problem” by opening in the morning for coffee. We were big fans of Megaphone and thought they would be a perfect fit for the space so we approached them with the concept.

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