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Written by Chloe Green

Cozy Cafes and Bars in Central Oregon: Where to Warm Up This Winter

Cozy Cafes and Bars in Central Oregon - Zydeco

As the snow falls and the wind blows, nothing sounds better than snuggling up in the corner of a warm cafe or candle-lit bar. Whether you crave a steaming cup of coffee to kickstart your day or seek a post-adventure hideaway, Central Oregon provides a multitude of bars and coffee shops to escape the cold.

Some of Our Favorite Cozy Cafes in Central Oregon

Bend excels in the art of coffee, featuring several outstanding local roasters that brew up lattes, mochas, macchiatos and more. Settle into their inviting atmospheres, savor a toasty beverage and escape the winter chill. These Central Oregon coffee shops are sure to chase away your winter blues with delicious flavors and warmth.

Backporch Coffee Roasters

Backporch has been roasting coffee for almost 20 years and a local favorite boasts three Bend cafes. Each spot guarantees expertly crafted brews in a light-filled, sleek atmosphere. With a commitment to ethically sourced beans and a tempting pastry selection, Backporch is a top destination for winter indulgence in Central Oregon. More about Backporch Coffee Roasters here.

Bent Coffee

On the west side of Bend, Bent serves outstanding coffee in a contemporary cafe. With a passion for the intricacies of coffee craftsmanship, you can expect each cup to be attended to with care. It’s the perfect place to get some work done, read a book or catch up with a friend.

Commons Café & Taproom

Located in the historic Rademacher House overlooking Mirror Pond, The Commons is a downtown gem with a warm and inviting vibe. Offering locally roasted coffee, a diverse selection of beverages and fresh-baked goods, it’s the perfect spot to sit in front of a lava-rock fireplace, enjoy artwork on the walls from local artists, and wait out a storm.

Dudleys Bookstore and Cafe Entrance in downtown Bend
Dudleys Bookstore and Cafe | Photo by Anna Jacobs

Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe

Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe in downtown Bend is an ideal place to enjoy a book while watching the snow fall. The two-story bookshop offers a diverse selection of new and used books, along with a collection of inviting vintage chairs. Order your drink downstairs, explore the bookshelves, and then curl up with a book and a cup of joe in the homey upstairs seating area.

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters

When it comes to serving high-quality coffee, Lone Pine Coffee Roasters knows what it’s doing. All the coffee is roasted in-house and has been perfected during 10 years of operation. The bright downtown location with brick walls and greenery welcomes loyal patrons throughout the day. Also, be sure to snag one of the delicious waffles featured in the pastry case.

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters Bend
Lone Pine Coffee Roasters in Downtown Bend

Palate: A Coffee Bar

Palate is a welcoming neighborhood coffee house with hand-roasted coffee, local teas and delicious hand-crafted bagels. The baristas are experts, and you’re sure to find yourself engaged in an interesting conversation with the person sitting next to you. Snuggle up by the fire, read a book in the back nook or grab your coffee to go before chasing powder.

Thump Coffee

With three cafes across town, each exuding a distinct vibe, Thump Coffee is a go-to spot for exceptional lattes, coffee drinks and pastries. and. Whether it’s the downtown location with its exposed brick walls and rows of seating, the York Street cafe offering views of the Cascades Range, or the Grove location with ample space in a food hall setting, each Thump has its own appeal. We stopped in at Thump Coffee in Northwest Crossing – read our experience here.

Turtle Island Coffee

Turtle Island Coffee, the only Indigenous, queer and two-spirit-owned space in Central Oregon, is dedicated to intentional inclusivity. The Turtle Island mission is to create an ambiance that honors Indigenous, brown, black, queer, trans and non-binary communities. Beyond freshly made coffee, Turtle Island offers delicious, hand-crafted Native food.

Some of the Coziest Bars in Bend

Bend boasts some fantastic bars, ideal for a nightcap after a day of snowy outdoor adventure. While renowned as a beer capital, the city’s growing array of cocktail bars—from swank to cabin-chic—should definitely be on your must-visit list.

Bar Rio

Bar Rio is a colorful spot for cocktails and tapas in downtown Bend. The menu draws inspiration from global experiences and flavors, ranging from Spain to Israel and Mexico. Hide out in a booth or find a spot at the bar to unwind and savor the vibrant ambiance. Learn more about Bar Rio here.

Bar Rio turquoise bar in Downtown Bend
Bar Rio, Downtown Bend

Cellar 65

With speakeasy vibes, Cellar 65 will whisk you away to a bygone era and tempt you with its handcrafted cocktails and exquisite wines. Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply waiting for the storm to pass, this intimate spot invites you to pop a cork and relish French Champagne or a glass of wine in a distinctive atmosphere.

Chomp Chomp

Centrally located on Bond Street, Chomp Chomp is a go-to neighborhood gathering place. With a seasonal menu offering Japanese and American cuisine, curated whiskies from both the United States and Asia, plus a laid-back, friendly vibe, this is the perfect spot for friends to gather and enjoy a communal dining experience after a day of adventure. Click to read what late-night eats to order at Chomp Chomp we recommend.

The Bar at Dear Irene in Downtown Bend
The Bar at Dear Irene in Downtown Bend

Dear Irene

Dear Irene delivers an upscale experience from the first sip to the last drop. Along with a wide range of wines and cocktails, find an ever-changing menu inspired by the finest regional bounty. The bar’s allure lies in its timeless elegance. Intimate and artistic interior design makes it the perfect escape for those seeking an elevated evening away from the cold. Read more about Dear Irene here.


JIA, inspired by Asian street markets and lush jungles, is a dynamic eatery and cocktail bar on the south side of Bend. Serving creative cocktails, often layered with whimsy, JIA’s family-style dishes celebrate diverse Asian heritage. Visit JIA to unwind amidst foliage and tropical textures. Read our recommendation about dining at JIA here.

Inside JIA Asian Street Kitchen in Bend
Inside JIA Asian Street Kitchen in Bend

Lady Bird Cultural Society

Lady Bird Cultural Society, located in the Old Mill District, is a fine-dining experience with creative cuisine and a stacked prohibition-era libations menu. Radiating an elegant, art deco vibe and specialty dishes, Lady Bird transports guests to another time during an evening of indulgence. Click here to read the full article on Lady Bird Cultural Society.

Lady Bird Cultural Society in the Old Mill's Dining Room
Lady Bird Cultural Society in the Old Mill district | Photo by Tambi Lane


Roam beckons with wild fare and spirits in an elevated and contemporary setting. Situated in The Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend, Roam highlights local ingredients in its seasonal offerings. With plenty of seating and its refined decor, you’ll feel as though you’ve found the best of both worlds—a mountain town with the touches of a cosmopolitan city.

San Simón

Tucked into Tin Pan Alley downtown, you’ll find San Simón, with its tagline of“sophisticated debauchery.” Choose to sit outside, where fire pits and inviting shelters warm you up. Or gather in the intimate, candle-lit bar and enjoy eccentric decor. Either way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy carefully crafted cocktails and customizable charcuterie boards.

Stihl Whiskey Bar

The Stihl Whiskey Bar is a hidden gem in downtown Bend, featuring an extensive selection of grain-based drinks and expertly crafted food. With more than 400 whiskeys to choose from, the bar’s knowledgeable staff can guide your selection or help you choose from the diverse cocktail menu, where you’re sure to find a drink to warm your spirits.

The Bar at the Stihl Whiskey Bar
Stihl Whiskey Bar

The Broom Closet

Searching for a mysterious spot to enjoy a drink? Follow these clues to discover the Broom Closet at McMenamins Old St. Francis School. On the third floor of the Art House building, find an inconspicuous sign that says “Broom Closet.” Inside, past hanging brooms, a door leads to a Lilliputian bar. Snag a cocktail, beer or glass of wine in this unique hideaway.

The Flamingo Room

The Flamingo Room, located on Bend’s west side, is funky and floral, with a creative mixology menu that gives a nod to the tropics. The space is filled with more than 200 plants, offering both bar and booth seating and house cocktails and mocktails layered with flavors. Its small bites, such as mini empanadas and pickled veggies, complete a vacation-like experience.

The Jackalope Grill

Nestled in downtown Bend, The Jackalope Grill exudes Old World warmth and hospitality with its hand-crafted cocktails alongside a thoughtfully prepared and sustainably sourced menu. The Jackalope Grill’s elegant ambiance has welcomed guests to drink or dine since 2005.


With welcoming fire pits at its entrance, Velvet is a go-to spot for hand-crafted cocktails and an extensive beer selection, striking a perfect balance between cabin chic and effortless coolness. With booth and bar seating, plus standing-room only, jostle in and enjoy an evening surrounded by locals.

Washington Dining & Cocktails

In Bend’s NorthWest Crossing, Washington Dining & Cocktails is a neighborhood eatery with exceptional food and drinks inspired by the region. Start with a Sassy Local, a signature drink made with house-infused spicy vodka, triple sec and fresh-squeezed citrus. Sit in the bistro setting or outside, near a fire pit or under blazing heat lamps.

Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails

In downtown Bend, Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails is a local favorite offering seating at its lengthy and beautiful bar. There, can select from an extensive wine and cocktail list alongside Southern-inspired fare. Zydeco is a must-visit for those seeking elevated, urban vibes in Central Oregon.

Cozy Cafes and Bars in Central Oregon - Zydeco
Photo by Kevin Prieto
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